Energy System's


Day by day, we increasingly feel solar energy in our life due to expanding usage areas and advantages.

Consequently, fin out why you should use solar energy and what are your advantages?

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Feel free to contact us for all products which are necessary for the implementation of your solar project, irrespectively of the size.

Gladly, we wouldn't only advise you to purchase the right products, but also support you until completion of your project, thus creating financially favorable projects with max. efficiency.

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A good exploration is the fundamental condition for proper planning and a successful project implementation.

With our team of experts, we go through our projects in all details and offer our customers the most effective solution both from a commercial and a social view.

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Solar & Other Products

MonoCrystal A
320-345W Monocrystal Panel

MonoCrystal B
360-380W Monocrystal Panel

MonoCrystal C
430-455W Monocrystal Panel

Solar Inverter
On-Grid Inverter Models.

Line Towers
Energy Transmission Line Towers

Steel Structures
AIS, GIS and Mobile Substation Steel Structures

Decorative Poles
Decorative Poles.

Direction Poles
Traffic Signalization and Direction Poles.

Solar Lighting
Solar Lighting Models.

A200 Model

A400 Model

A500 Model